A Warrior Queen or A Fragile Princess..??

Disney Princesses

As a child I have always dreamed of fairies appearing out of thin air and solving my problems or of a handsome prince taking me along to his kingdom. It took me eleven or twelve years of my life to detach myself of this maze of fantasies. I went on complaining to my mother about how unfair it was to fool innocent girls promising them a ‘ prince and a happily ever after ‘. Since early childhood it is deeply instilled that women are fragile and need protection. Why is it always the girls who should be ‘saved’ or ‘protected’ ? The answer is simple – the world always adore the idea of ‘damsels in distress’ and the ‘ heroic princes ‘ destined to save them. In the recent years we have come across changes in these sexist thoughts. There were movie depicting powerful girls capable of protecting their dear ones and taking care of themselves. We Indians have always venerated the mighty and fierce goddesses but why are we reluctant to acknowledge that  women are as strong willed as men ? The world no more need ‘damsel in distress ‘ crying helplessly,calling out to her prince to save her . The need of the hour is another ‘ Joan of Ark ‘ or ‘Margaret Thatcher’ or ‘Rani LakshmiBai’ to prove that the world require women warriors as much as it need heroic men…



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